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Frequently asked questions

Palladium Wedding Rings were one of the first companies to stock a large range of Palladium wedding rings. We have extensive knowledge of Palladium and have provided advice and support to hundreds of customers over the years. We have put together a list of frequently asked questions to help making the decision to choose Palladium simple and hassle free. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for please feel free to contact us.

What quality of Palladium do you use in your rings?
All our Palladium wedding and engagement rings are Palladium 950. Some retailers may use Palladium 500 which has a lower Palladium content and contains a higher amount of impurities which may affect the quality of the product over time, especially if any adjustments or repairs are required.

Does Palladium tarnish?
Unlike some precious metals Palladium is a pure metal with no other metals mixed with it. White gold starts its life as yellow gold and is mixed with other alloys and then rhodium plated to produce its white look. Over time this plating will wear and a yellowy appearance can be observed. As Palladium is a pure metal there is no need for such a process and the pure white colour will remain for the life off the item.

Is Palladium a hallmarked metal?
Palladium has been used in jewellery for many years but has only recently received its official hallmark in July 2009.

What is the difference between Palladium and Platinum?
Visually there is no difference between Palladium and Platinum, they are both pure, white metals. Platinum is a more metal, although Palladium is approximately 12% harder. Platinum is the rarest of the precious metals, although Palladium is also rarer than gold.

Do you ship overseas?
At Palladium Wedding Rings we ship all our items internationally. Please contact us for specific timescales and prices.

Can I swap my white gold engagement ring to Palladium?
At Palladium Wedding Rings we specialise in design and remodelling of all items of jewellery. We have replaced many white gold mounts with Palladium over the years and our customers have always been happy with the results as have enjoyed the added benefits of swapping to Palladium.

Do you do bespoke items?
At Palladium Wedding Rings we are passionate about jewellery design, restoration and repair. We have extensive knowledge in jewellery design and using the latest technology we are able to produce CAD images and wax models from a photograph or simple sketch. Click here for more information about our bespoke services.

I have a Platinum engagement ring; can I wear a Palladium wedding ring with this?
This is a question we often get asked at Palladium Wedding Rings. We recommend, for equal amounts of wear and compatibility, that the engagement ring and wedding bands are the same metal, however, as an alternative to Platinum we would suggest Palladium as a suitable option. Many of our customers have chosen this option many times over the years with no complaints.
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Plain Wedding Band Specialist

Palladium Wedding Rings has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of plain wedding rings in the UK. We have hundreds of wedding rings for you to choose from in our online wedding ring boutique.

We specialise in producing high quality plain palladium and platinum wedding rings. A wedding band is one of the single most important parts of any wedding day and is the one thing that will stay with you from the beginning of your wedding celebrations and for the rest of your married life together. There are four main profiles of wedding band available, court, flat court, flat and D-shaped and it is personal preference as to which is best suited for yourself and your partner. We stock a wide range of profiles, widths and weights to suit every taste and style of diamond engagement ring and we believe that our competitive prices are hard to beat. More information on the profiles we stock is detailed below:

Court – The most popular profile. Court profile is rounded both the inside and out to give a comfortable feel and traditional look.
Flat Court – A rounded inside and flat outside make this wedding band comfortable to wear as well as having the look of a flat profile band.
Flat – A flat profile on both inside and out. A flat profile may be suited to an engagement ring of the same profile and works especially well with princess cut stones.
D-Shape – A profile which is flat on the inside and rounded on the outside gives a look of a court profile and the fit of a flat profile.

Diamond Eternity Rings

As the name suggests a diamond eternity ring symbolises eternity and everlasting love. For over 6000 years diamond eternity rings have been given as a symbol of undying love represented by the endless band of a ring. A full diamond eternity ring or half diamond eternity ring is usually given at the birth of the first child or the first wedding anniversary. A diamond eternity ring is a timeless classic and is the perfect companion to almost every engagement ring.

The choice of when to give this romantic gesture is up to yourselves and at Palladium Wedding Rings we have the experience in designing and creating both full and half diamond eternity rings for that perfect occasion making us the perfect choice to help you make that important decision in Platinum, Palladium or Gold.

Platinum Information

Most UK platinum jewellery is 95% pure hence it carries the hallmark ‘950’. Platinum is a naturally white, tarnish proof precious metal which keeps its pure white colour for a lifetime. Value is determined by availability; the rarer something is the more valuable it becomes, platinum is the rarest of all the precious metals which explains the luxury price tag it carries. Another reason for the higher price bracket of platinum is you get more for your money; platinum is 95% pure in comparison to 18ct gold which is 75% pure, hence the hallmark ‘750’. Platinum is heavier and more durable than the other precious metals and is perfect for any jewellery item as it holds precious stones firmly and securely in place. An easy way to tell if a ring is platinum is to pick it up. Platinum is denser than gold, so a platinum ring will weigh about 40% more than the same design in gold. The reassuring weight of platinum cannot be matched by any other precious metal, which is something that men in particular tend to appreciate on their wedding ring.
As with all precious metals scratch platinum will pick up surface scratches over time. However, with platinum, its surface qualities mean that no metal is lost as a result of these scratches; the piece maintains its integrity and mass by simply displacing the metal.

Bespoke Diamond Rings

Palladium wedding rings also specialise in the design and creation of bespoke pieces. Whether it be a bespoke diamond engagement rings, bespoke diamond earrings, bespoke diamond bracelet s or bespoke diamond necklaces we have the knowledge and expertise to bring your idea to life.

"We have worked hard to establish a name for unique quality engagement and wedding ring design. With our unique approach to bespoke jewellery design, we are proud of our reputation for making outstanding, fine pieces of jewellery". For further information on our bespoke design service including CAD imaging and wax modelling please contact us at:

Diamond Engagement Rings

The purchase of a diamond engagement ring for your loved one can be one of the most emotional and exciting experiences you will undertake and at Palladium Wedding Rings we realise the importance of getting everything just right. Our online boutique contains many diamond engagement rings for you to browse at your leisure. Whether it be a platinum diamond engagement ring or a palladium diamond engagement ring we believe that It is the perfect symbol of love and appreciation for your loved one.

Palladium Information

Palladium is one of the platinum-group metals. It is a pure metal, which unlike white gold, is not mixed with any other metals to produce its white appearance. Palladium is a malleable metal which means it can be shaped, stretched, twisted and even diamond set to produce stunning pieces of quality jewellery. Palladium is an extremely rare metal, much more so than gold but has a much more favourable price tag. Visually there are no differences between palladium and platinum and consequently palladium wedding bands possess extraordinary and uncommon beauty. Plus, palladium wedding bands are incredibly durable and virtually tarnish proof.

Palladium is the most recent metal to receive a hallmark as a precious metal and since that time the demand for palladium has increased greatly. Michael Allchin, chief executive of The Birmingham Assay Office, said, “Palladium provides a new opportunity for the jewellery trade. Designs which may have been impossibly heavy or expensive in platinum can be very attractive and commercially viable in palladium. There are already some stunning palladium pieces on the market; the reassurance of a U.K. hallmark will give the consumer added protection and confidence when purchasing palladium jewellery, and we expect this to be a significant growth area for the jewellery industry.”